In several basement of the building shown above , the present Gustav Wiederkehr School in Mannheim- Sandhofen , a permanent exhibition is set up since the 12.11.1990 , which can be visited by appointment of school classes, groups and individuals.

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The memorial Sandhofen reminiscent of the sub-camp Natzweiler , which was established here in the fall of 1944. It was used to house concentration camp prisoners who had to work for Daimler -Benz Mannheim. It is the first memorial to one of the Natzweiler -camp in Germany and France. In the Sandhofer external command is a bearing of the end of the Nazi regime - it was a starvation camp . Here suffered over 1,000 Polish men and young people who had been abducted from her home town during the Warsaw Uprising in the summer of 1944. Of note is the position of this satellite camp is in the middle of a residential area. Is also unusual in that it was in a school.